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We are building a global community of content creators. We connect them with publishers and brands who need great content. Our content creators have been building a bank of great content in video and text. We make that content available for license to publishers and brands. We have also developed commissioning software which allows publishers and brands to hire anyone of our content creator community, to tell any story, anywhere in the world. If you are a content creator, you can get work, create a free profile to showcase your work and upload your back catalogue of content and make it available for license.

We call our content creator community, storytellers. Maybe you can make great videos, write great articles or blogs or create podcasts. On StoryStock.com you can register for free and create a public profile page which showcases all your past work – a little bit like your own personal website. You can upload your back catalogue of content, videos, articles, blogs and use your profile page to show people your work. You can make that content available to media and brands for license, if you wish. That means you can make money on your back catalogue of content. You can also reply to job postings within StoryStock.com – which are emailed directly to your inbox. Publishers and big name brands need people like you to make videos, tell stories, write articles and blogs. On StoryStock.com, you can get work, get connected but more importantly – get paid quickly. No invoicing, no hassle. We take care of everything. Sign up today, its free and easy to do.

If you are a brand, business or publisher – you have come to the right place. You can browse our bank of content and download articles and videos to use as you wish. Great stories that can help you engage and grow your audiences. We also have commissioning software where you can create a job posting and hire any content creator anywhere in the world to tell any story. You can also browse the profiles of our content creators, look at their past work, favourite them and hire them.

We are looking for people who can create good quality content from all over the world. Maybe you can create videos, write good articles and blogs? Maybe you are a journalist, blogger, video editor, photographer or radio producer who wants to make money on the side. We want to hear from you.

For content creators, If you are a content creator, you can use StoryStock.com to create a free profile to showcase yourself and your work. Use it like your own personal website. On StoryStock.com, you can upload any existing content you have to our bank of content. We will try and license this and make you money – as long as you own it. You can also answer job postings from some of the world’s best brands and media outlets. We take care of the payment and paperwork and you get paid quickly. For publishers, brands and business We can connect you with quality content creators who can create videos, articles, blogs and podcasts to grow your audiences. People who can bring you content from the hearts of communities. Connect with some of the world’s best journalists, bloggers, writers, copy writers and videographers who can tell great stories for you.

A team of former journalists/techies from Ireland who wanted to build a platform to bring great content to media and brands. Francis Fitzgibbon, Shane O Connor and Keith Phelan! See StoryStock.com for more details.

No. You choose what you want to make available for license. Uploading to our digital archive of content means you are allowing us to license and sell your content for you. You can add stories and links to your public profile which you do not want to make available for license.

We take a 20% Commission on each job posting that is commissioned. So if you reply to a job posting and create a video, we take a commission on that. If you decide to put some content in our stock content archive, we take 40% commission each time we license that piece of content. We can license one piece of content from the archive multiple times each time earning the content creator a fee.

You will receive payment directly into your account within 30 days after your story/content has been licensed/commissioned. We endeavour to pay content creators within 10 days.

The standard license on offer is a 14 Day License. After 14 days your story/content goes back up on the StoryStock platform and is available for licensing again giving you the opportunity to earn more money from your story/content.

When a commission/job posting is put up by a brand or media outlet looking for specific work, they set a budget. You can ask for more when agreeing the final details of the commission with them. So for example, if Tesco put up a job posting for a video and set a budget of 2000 euro, you may reply and offer to the do the work, but for 2500 euro. If they like you and your offering they may accept. The digital content/story archive is different. Stories are uploaded in there and brands and media can browse and search them by location and topic. Lets says Tesco like a video in there, they can license it for use on their social media for 14 days for an average fee of 120 euro. They are paying the 120 euro to use it – not to buy it. You always own it.

StoryStock reserve the right to edit or alter a story where they see fit in order to improve its saleability. However, we always keep an original unaltered copy of every file submitted.

By uploading content to the StoryStock platform you agree to the Terms & Conditions of use which states that you must have all the necessary licenses, rights, consents, permissions and any release relating to the rights of the uploaded material. Any breach of this agreement could see your story being removed and your account terminated. Full details of this are included in our Terms & Conditions.

The StoryStock Release Form is a legal document which must be completed and signed by all contributors to your story. This document shows that the contributor has agreed to their story being uploaded to the StoryStock platform and licensed to media agencies for use in news coverage, documentaries, and commercials and they shall seek no financial reward in return for their input. A completed and signed copy of the StoryStock Release Form must be scanned and uploaded with each story. Failure to do so could lead to your story not being validated. Full details of this are included in our Terms & Conditions.
Download release form.

Brands and media can post a commission or Job posting on StoryStock.com. That job posting is emailed to relevant quality content creators. If they are interested, we have a messaging service on the platform that allows content creators to chat to the person who posted the job and work out the finer details. You create the content they need, we hold payment until the job is complete, you send them the files, and we make the payment to you.

The file types we accept are as follows:

Video MOV & MP4
Audio WAV & MP3
Images JPG & PNG